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The Walking Dead Escape at Comic-Con 2012


The Walking Dead | Zombie Video Game Review

Does Telltale deliver an interactive episode as good as the Walking Dead TV show? Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead has already proved a serialized… more »


Hyundai’s Zombie Survival Machine

Zombie car? Hyundai is looking toward the future. Unfortunately it’s a bleak future, where humanity is on the verge of extinction brought upon… more »

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The Walking Dead Escape at Comic-Con 2012


How to Survive if Zombies Attack

This is the first in a series of articles about “How to Survive”.  Of course we start off with our favorite enemy –… more »


The Medical Idiot’s Guide To Zombies

The process of zombification has long been the source of many horror stories. Everything from George Romero’s “Living Dead” movies to horror master… more »

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Zombie Survival: Common Household Weapons

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Best Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit EVER!!

This zombie apocalypse survival kit is the best on youtube EVER!! i had alot of fun putting it together. let me know what… more »